We want to come home with you!

Here at America’s Best we offer a variety of whole bean coffees for purchase by weight to take home and enjoy when you can’t make it in.  For most people, the thought of brewing coffee at home can be a bit daunting.  Maybe you have brewed up and pot and thought, “well this is good but it’s just not the same”.  We have too.  After working with coffee for many years, we feel confident to share with you the secrets to the perfect cup of coffee at home.

1. Start with the best beans – All of the coffee beans sold at America’s Best are roasted fresh right here in Arlington.  It is delivered piping hot to our doorstep within hours of roasting and we order only enough to get us through 1 week, so you, Our Celebrated Guests, get the best beans there are.  To keep your coffee fresh at home, store it in an opaque sealed container away from heat.  Do not store coffee in the freezer as condensation can accumulate in the beans causing a degradation of flavor and freshness.  (I know, mom has been telling us to do this for years…little did she know…)

2. Pick your brewing method – Depending on how you plan to brew your coffee will make a determination on the grind appropriate for the best cup of Joe.  The finer the grind, the more surface area is available to make contact with the water.  The longer the brewing method, the coarser the grind should be.  We an grind your coffee for you, but strongly recommend grinding at home so your beans are as fresh as possible.  We can also grind a portion of your beans and you can come back at any time to grind the rest.

  • Percolators and French Presses require the coarsest grind
  • When using an automatic drip, the most common means of brewing coffee at home, you want to use a medium grind for a flat bottom filter, medium fine (slightly finer) for a cone shape filter
  • To brew espresso whether in an Espresso Machine or a stove top Espresso Maker, use want to use a fine grind
  • Turkish coffee is always ground as finely as possible.

3. Water to ground coffee ratio – the perfect ration of water to grounds is 6 ounces Water to 2 tablespoons Ground Coffee for brewed  coffee and equal ounces of Water to Ground Coffee for espresso.  Filtered water is preferable over unfiltered – do not ever use distilled water.  If you prefer your coffee a little weaker it is best to add some hot water to the brewed coffee after it is done brewing.

Sharing with friends and family-coffee is a great excuse to interact with your fellow humans.  A conversation over a cup of Joe is a great way to get to know someone or to catch up with your favorite pal.

Stop by today for a pound of Mexican beans with a subtle sweetness and a hint of nuttiness or a half-pound of French Roast with a smoky boldness and deep rich texture.

Your in-house coffee masters,

Isabella and Rachel


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