Jelly Fantastic

America’s Best Coffee is switching it up!  We are super excited to announce that we will soon be serving Boba.

Say what?

bubbleteaFor those of you who are not familiar with Boba here is a brief history/tutorial.

Boba was created in a Tea shop in Taiwan in the late 1980’s.  No one can claim responsibility but many have laid stake to the inception of Boba.  Essentially Boba or pearls are bits tapioca added to an iced beverage that add flavor and texture.  Sounds strange right?  Wrong, they are AWESOME.  Usually added to milk teas or fruit teas, these delightful delectables are entirely versatile.  We are in the recipe trial stage right now and so far my favorite is an iced Chai tea latte with a pump of cinnamon and Boba.  You get all the warmth of the spices with the refreshment of a cool beverage and the satiety provided from chewing the Boba.  All in all the perfect treat for Spring.  The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.  The tea culture has died down in the U.S. We are a nation of coffee drinkers.  However, we are also at a juncture where our palettes are prepared for more.  There are some unique flavors Boba is paired with such as Avocado or Taro root.  We look forward to experimenting and finding your new favorite drink!

Your Faithful Blogarista,

IsabellaBarista Extrodinaire

Barista Extrodinaire


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